Bombuss: Building Our Methods By Using Sound Science.

BOMBUSS was conceived, and its inaugural meeting planned, by Jamie Strange (USDA-ARS), Amber Tripodi (USDA-ARS), Neal Williams (UC-Davis) and Hollis Woodard (UC-Riverside). Funding to support the meeting was obtained through a grant from the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture to J. Strange and A. Tripodi and supplemental funding was provided by the USDA-ARS-National Program Staff Professional Activities Fund.

The BOMBUSS mission is to bring researchers working on bumble bee biology together to discuss the methodologies currently used to investigate these important pollinators. As domestication of bumble bees has expanded worldwide, so has research on this group of bees as model organisms for study, as crop pollinators, and as conservation targets. The growth of this field of study has been rapid, prompting the organizers to convene this meeting to discuss the need and potential for standardization of methods.

Our goals are:

  1. to identify the areas where common methodology already exists,
  2. identify areas where best practices can be suggested,
  3. identify gaps in the literature regarding methodology,
  4. share knowledge and build networks for advancing our science,
  5. formulate plans to address the gaps through peer-reviewed publication.